Cash Saver

A fleet management system which analyzes the costs of the vehicle fleet in the company

Driven by the telematics data from the GPS Terminal connected to the CAN BUS.

The device installed in the car captures 14 key data related with the eco driving. Data is read at the frequency of 1 second. A smart algorithms gather the histogram and standard data frames. This intelligent approach helpes us to achieve a high frequency of data reading with a slight increase of GSM data transfer.

Cash Saver


Eco and safe driving requires the driver to use slightly dierent driving techniques in the city, extra-urban zones, and on the highway. AI implemented in the Cash Saver identifies the actual driving mode and adjusts the measured parameters for individual driving modes. Cash Saver is unique in the way it scores styles of driving. Most measurements are based on the traveled distance,not the number of exceeding. It allows you to very precise determine the drivers’ behavior, as well as determine whether his behavior is incidental or permanent.

Prepare the competitions for the drivers and motivate them for safe and eco driving. The competition report shows the results of individual drivers, score and their place on the list in relation to the goal. Discover the Cash Saver mobile application (iOS, Android). Learn how to improve your driving skills to get better results.

Analyzed data:

  • RPM
  • Car speed
  • Pressure on the gas pedal
  • Engine braking
  • Distance traveled at a constant speed
  • Driving smoothness
  • Aggressively cornering
  • The right gear for the current speed
  • Heavy braking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Kickdown
  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Idling
  • Stands with the engine running
Cash Saver