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App main features:

Fleet status
  • Positions
  • History
  • Zones
  • Planning
  • Distance
  • Animation
  • Analysis of driver working time
Vehicle status
  • Current speed, millage, fuel
  • Tachograph data
  • Smart Analysis of driver working time
  • Engine parameters
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Device and GPS activity
  • CAN Indicators
Google Maps
  • Real time traffic information
  • Roadmap, satellite, hybrid
  • Speed limits
  • Advanced Route planning
  • Search on map (address, company name, post codes)
  • Route, fuel, daily distance, stops, tachograph, eco-driving, ignition, zones
  • Drivers working time, vehicle driving time
  • Fleet cross-sectional reports
  • And over 50 more…

Mobile application

Brand intuitive and versatile
iOS and Android App

  • Publish by yourself, as your own App in App Store and Google Play. Control your ECO-Driving scoring
  • User’s (Drivers) can use internal messages to accept their tasks or send information to the dispatcher.

Advanced ECO-Driving

WEB-SAT has developed innovative ECO Driving system. Platform analyses driving dynamics, Engine work parameter according to the engine speed appropriate to the engine type (diesel, petrol), rapid accelerations, harsh brakings, speed limit parameter – speed compared with speed limit on the road) Each value has 6 ranges to precise final score.

Scoring is available on web platform and mobile app. Eco-driving scheduled newsletter with detailed information about the driving style.
Newsletter encourages to compete and change of bad habits.

DDD file

DDD file downloads of mass memory and drivers card

In accordance with Regulation (EC) 561/2006 companies having in its fleet vehicles equipped with digital tachographs are required to read driver cards every 28 days, and tachograph memory every 90 days. WEB-SAT with the appropriate device allows remote reading of the indicated range of tachographs memory and driver cards placed in the slots of the tachograph. Digitally signed DDD file is downloaded. Advantage of the device is a no need to return the vehicle to the base in order to read the memory of the tachograph and driver cards through external readers. The downloaded files are protected from editing.

  • Scheduled downloads
    System Administrator specifies the download period of drivers card and tachograph mass memory. Application automatically controls time schedule and downloads data.
  • Manual on-demand downloads
    User can manually download a data whenever driver has logged to tachograph. Manual downloads are independent and do not affect to time scheduled downloads.
  • Remote authorisation
    Remote DDD file reading does not require the placement of any company card in the tachograph. Also does not require the production of a businesses card duplicate cation is done remotely using a driver card reader, connected to the user’s computer in an office or any other location with Internet access.
  • Multiple companies handling on one PC
    Application allows to handle multiple business card readers on one PC. From one workplace you can download data for many companies.

Super Admin Application

Manage your partners, set individual billing options and terms of payment.

Remotely control the devices, easily solve tech issues.

Super admin allow to update remote upload firmwares…