CES 2020

the summary of our participation in the expo

The 53rd annual run of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade fair CES 2020 is over. The event that takes place in Las Vegas between 7 and 10 January, like every year attracted thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. More than 4500 companies from over 160 countries presented their products and technologies in 3 locations and on 269,000 square meters of the exhibit space.

We are extremely proud that for the first time our company could participate in CES 2020 as exhibitors and present our newest telematics technology solutions. WEB-SAT stand (no. 324) was located in Westgate Las Vegas and was a part of Smart Cities - one of the most exciting and innovative sectors of the show. In this area, exhibitors presented their newest technologies involved with transport, intelligent vehicles, energy, health, public security, AI and analytical data. Smart Cities sector is known for bringing together all the prestigious world enterprises and start-ups allowing their members to display their brand-new products.

After years of solidifying our position as a leader in the field of GPS vehicle tracking, the time came for WEB-SAT to show their cutting-edge solutions. But what makes us different from other GPS systems? WEB-SAT offers its services in the form of White Label solution. Thanks to that, our business partners can sell our applications under their own brands and customise their design as they see fit (e.g. by changing their logos, colour, and design of the product). In such a way, WEB-SAT becomes invisible for their end customers. Mobile applications made by WEB-SAT are also fully branded and published on individual Google Play and App Store accounts. What is more, our business partners receive a package of admin tools to help them fully control the system. Some of these features allow for:

  • Creating a user in the system
  • Providing access to the user by assigning the vehicle to the user account
  • Creating vehicle fleets
  • Updating business tools
  • Generating settlements
  • Exporting of data
  • Integration with the external systems using dedicated API

Crash Analysis Tools is our next proprietary system. The CAT application allows one to analyze a road accident with high precision. CAT presents data ranging from 10 seconds before to 10 seconds after the road accident. CAT Give every user instant access to the smart timeline panel with Google Street View, impact data, force directions and more. Accident data is stored on the cloud and available from any computer with internet access. At the time of the accident, data is automatically sent to the Crash Analysis Tool server. AI analysis allows for easy reconstruction of the accident

Telematics devices with the BlackBox feature allow recording of data with a very high frequency. Data is stored in the cache in the time loop, which contains all the parameters.

WEB-SAT is not only a tracking platform but it also offers Cash Saver. A fleet management system which analyzes the costs of the vehicle fleet in the company Eco and safe driving requires the driver to use slightly dierent driving techniques in the city, extra-urban zones, and on the highway. AI implemented in the Cash Saver identifies the actual driving mode and adjusts the measured parameters for individual driving modes. Cash Saver is unique in the way it scores styles of driving. Most measurements are based on the traveled distance,not the number of exceeding. It allows you to very precise determine the drivers’ behavior, as well as determine whether his behavior is incidental or permanent.

Prepare the competitions for the drivers and motivate them for safe and eco driving. The competition report shows the results of individual drivers, score and their place on the list in relation to the goal. Discover the Cash Saver mobile application (iOS, Android). Learn how to improve your driving skills to get better results.

We are fully obliged to provide reliable and professional technical support despite the industry and the country in which our business partner is located. Dedicated WEB-SAT consultants are available online through chat and by phone. The application is managed on a regular basis 24h a day.

To say about CES that it’s an extraordinary event is like to say nothing at all. Let’s look into the history. The first CES was held in June 1967 in New York. Back then, the event was not yet recognisable and attracted roughly 100 exhibitors and 17,500 visitors. During the next years, the number of exhibitors grew as well as the interest of the media in the show. In time CES became a key host for the trendsetting world innovations of the technological industry.

It is worth mentioning here about such technological wonders as VCR (1970), the first personal computer Altair 8800 (1975), CD-ROM (1985), the plasma display panel (1995) and the camera phone (2002). It would be difficult to list all the cutting-edge solutions presented during the 53 years since the first CES annual run. Undoubtedly, these products revolutionised world technologies, but most importantly, they changed the lives of each and every one of us.

What novelty brought us the year 2020? The answer is 5G - the mobile technology of the fifth generation. There are many features that characterise this newest wireless solution, and the main ones include:

  • Transfer speed faster than 4G (up to 20Gbs download and up to 10Gbs upload)
  • Possibility to support up to 1 mln connected devices per 1 square kilometer
  • User plane latency: 4ms for eMBB and 1ms for URLLC
  • Stable connection for users travelling at a speed up to 500 km/h

Another widely recognisable trend presented on the show were devices based on the IoT system (Internet of Things).

The CES 2020 gave us a unique opportunity to make contact with potential business partners. Amongst them were the representatives from South Korea, China, India, Chile, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom as well as many other countries. We would like to thank you for such a positive receival of our offer and the possibility to listen to the inspiring speeches on the new technologies. Our thanks also go to the hosts of the CES for the warm reception and the professional organisational support. The only thing we have left to say is - see you next year!