Advanced ECO-Truck report, Designed for HGV/trucks

WEB-SAT developed have unique reports which supply precise analysis of driving behaviours.

General tenet of the report concept was the broader view of the ECO-Driving from the perspective of heavy goods vehicle usage. WEB-SAT analysts adopted 5 fields of economical driving styles and have divided it into 5 various ranges.

This makes the precise view of the way the accelerator pedals used , engine speed, speed ranges control.

The Report contains analysis of:

  • braking performance – usage of main brake, engine brake Algorithm counts the number of actions on the brake pedal, percentage of braking
  • cruise control analysis considering time and fuel consumption
  • Idling

Report precisely presents uneconomical drivers behaviors like rapid accelerations, harsh braking and describes speeding profile.

Fuel consumption graph
Graph of the use of the gas pedal
Vehicle speed chart
Graph of the speed range